Five reasons to attend Sourcing Summit 2012

1) Keep up with what’s new & trendy

2011 Sourcing Summit presentations

Sourcing Summit 2011 was a huge success. Thanks to our presenter we are making the presentations available for free (to download right click and select 'save as').

This is the contentment of my Winter

It's Winter here in Australia, it's cold, it's wet and most of us, apart from the snow bunnies are pretty much over it.  Getting up in the dark, commuting to work in the dark and then, coming home again in the dark.  If you're in the Northern hemisphere, I don't want your pity, but it will be our turn soon enough... I'll wait.

Guest Post: Lauren Stanton, Aurecon

In recent years, many companies have increased their direct sourcing of candidates to approximately 80%. However, with the candidate market getting tighter in Australia, many companies have started to implement internal sourcing functions, to decrease the use (and expense) of executive search firms. Executive Search will always have its place in the recruitment industry, but many companies have seen success recently with their research and sourcing teams, operating within internal recruitment.