Q&A With Andrea Mitchell

Google anything to do with sourcing in Australia and it's hard to not come across Andrea Mitchell. An industry veteran and founder of the Australian Researchers' Network, Andrea has two passions - applying new tools & techniques to sourcing and raising the profile of local practitioners. We caught up with Andrea to discuss her background and upcoming talks at the Sourcing Summit.

Five Free Sourcing Workshops Announced

Workshops offer a different learning environment. Sessions are more interactive and participants are actively encouraged to contribute to the proceedings. We can now confirmed that five sourcing workshops will be offered at the Sourcing Summit:

Q&A With Gad Weinbach

As a former criminal investigator with the Israeli army Gad Weinbach spent a lot of time trying to 'find people who don't want to be found'. He now spends most of his time in executive search and experimenting with new ways to source talent. We spoke to Gad about his background, current work and his upcoming talk at the Sourcing Summit.

Linkedin Groups Part 1: Groups in Boolean Search

One of the areas I always do research around, regardless of the type of role or industry, is LinkedIn Groups. I have found the information and candidates through this method for every kind of search.

Google ‘Sourcing’

Have you tried Googling the word 'Sourcing'? We tried, check out the results.

Essential Sourcing Tools

Starting out you might not have a lot of tools and software to support your sourcing efforts. I want to cover a few of the basics that I think are essential and hopefully suggest some alternatives to more expensive/time consuming products.