Sourcers – smart nerds OR sexy seducers?

With over 2 billion profiles on the web there’s a whole world to explore when it comes to sourcing. Using Linkedin filters is just one little part of the deal. And let’s be honest; not the most effective way to source top-talent in certain niches, because the high-profile professionals are leaving Linkedin as fast as new recruiters join the platform.

Get to know #SOSUEU Speaker Kevin Blair

One of the highlights of Sourcing Summit Europe 2014 promises to be the session by Kevin Blair of Cisco.

Sourcing Summit Europe 2014 is back


Sourcing in Germany: Q&A with Wolfgang Brickwedde

We caught up with Wolfgang Brickwedde who will speak about sourcing in Germany at #SOSUEU (day 2).

VIDEO: Q&A With #SOSUEU Speaker Jim Stroud

We caught up with Jim Stroud, speaker at #SOSUEU and asked him a few questions about sourcing and his upcoming talk at  #SOSUEU in Amsterdam on 12-13 Sep.  Below is the video. Enjoy.

What’s the ROI of Sourcing?

Guest post by Jan Bernhart, International Corporate Recruiter at Spil Games

Online networks – your new best friends

Guest post by Britt van Capelleveen