Screw Linkedin: Hire through Instagram, Product Hunt, Couchsurfing, Strava and Airbnb

Most articles about hiring through the upcoming social media are really lame and only say: ‘post relevant content on Snapchat’ & ‘be authentic on Instagram’. This is all fun and games when you are Facebook, Stripe or Uber but most of us founded / work for companies which only followers are your mum and a couple of randoms — if you are lucky.

Q&A with Brent Pearson

Founder and 'Director of Cool Shit and Chaos' at HRX, Brent Pearson is perhaps one of the pioneers of internet sourcing in Australia. Fed up with the low quality of metrics around sourcing and in particular social media, Brent is on a mission to improve them and show the real ROI of sourcing.

Q&A with Nicole Cain

Nicole Cain's early career was spent as a corporate librarian, followed by business research for firms like Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Cap Gemini & Deutsche Bank, before she made the shift to finding people in the executive search sector. She shared how her past experiences as a librarian and knowledge manager has shaped her approach to sourcing. Nicole will talk about best-practice referral sourcing at the Sourcing Summit.

Q&A with Christian LeLoux, Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader, Ernst & Young

Christian LeLoux, currently Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader at Ernst & Young, talks about his initial foray into sourcing, past experiences and what his current sourcing toolbox looks like. He offers a preview of his presentation on 'sourcing Matrix' and why highly visible employer brands need to invest in sourcing.

Q&A with Jason Timor, Adviser, Indigenous Recruitment Qantas

Jason Timor, a Badu Island man from the Torres Strait, is an accomplished recruiter with significant agency and in-house experience under his belt. He currently assists Qantas with their aboriginal recruitment strategy. We caught up with Jason to discuss about his personal journey, his current project with the aboriginal community and the stories he will be sharing at the Sourcing Summit.

Q&A With Andrea Mitchell

Google anything to do with sourcing in Australia and it's hard to not come across Andrea Mitchell. An industry veteran and founder of the Australian Researchers' Network, Andrea has two passions - applying new tools & techniques to sourcing and raising the profile of local practitioners. We caught up with Andrea to discuss her background and upcoming talks at the Sourcing Summit.

Q&A With Gad Weinbach

As a former criminal investigator with the Israeli army Gad Weinbach spent a lot of time trying to 'find people who don't want to be found'. He now spends most of his time in executive search and experimenting with new ways to source talent. We spoke to Gad about his background, current work and his upcoming talk at the Sourcing Summit.