Billy is a Recruitment Sourcing & Technology specialist who leads the Sourcing, Marketing & Technology function for HR Consultancy, a leading independent recruiter in Glasgow.

Billy is focused on making life as easy as possible for recruiters by implementing sourcing strategies, creating methods of automation and delivering training and coaching on best practice methods of sourcing, attracting and engaging with candidates worldwide. He works with a diverse range of clients, encouraging them to always “do something different” to ensure success in recruitment. Billy is also an experienced project manager, and is a technology and social media geek.

Additionally, Billy is involved heavily in the sourcing community, and enjoys working with peers across Europe and the USA to come up with new ways of working. You can find some information about this at his website,

Billy has 2 rare skills which I don’t often see….. he has IT knowledge combined with a business head!

Monique Goodwin
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