Matej is an HR evangelist, recruiter, manager, and advisor. He runs the most visited Recruitment blog in the Czech republic, organizes Recruitment MeetUps, contributes to leading newspapers and speaks at conferences.

His professional background includes recruitment in automotive, heavy industry, fintech and IT. He has experience with recruiting in niche markets as well as hiring thousands of blue collar workers. Regardless the industry, the principles of successful sourcing and hiring are the same: involve everyone, from the CEO till the doorman.

Matej believes that recruitment needs inspiration from other fields: email marketing, sales or psychology. Therefore he keeps on studying new methods, approaches and benchmarks best practices.

As we partner with the best Silicon Valley startups, we need the best global IT talents. When deciding who should lead our recruitment team, the choice was quite simple: Matej has a great reputation as an expert, strategist, and leader. After several months of working together, I can fully confirm that.

Lubo Smid
Co-founder STRV