Matt Burney is a well-known figure in the UK Recruitment industry, with a career spanning nearly 20 years. Matt has worked both sides of the table, as both vendor and client and has a huge amount of industry knowledge and experience. For the last 5 years Matt has been Group Online Resourcing Manager with G4S, the world’s second largest private employer, where he worked with teams around the world to deliver complex, innovative recruitment solutions and strategies that delivered tangible results.

Matt’s passion for understanding recruitment technology and media has always been matched to his goal & vision of delivering the best talent possible to a rapidly changing global market whilst ensuring local needs are met. Matt has been privileged to have been involved in some of the industry’s leading events as a speaker and has been regularly featured in specialist, national and International media.

Matt always brings fresh thinking …….. especially when it comes to international knowledge of the recruitment market, which has always set him apart from other speakers

Jamie Leonard