Michael understands the evolving landscape of recruiting and always brings new and innovative techniques to the table.

Dan Hakker // WINDSTREAM

Michael’s approach is a hands-on coach/leader talent acquisition professional with the ability to find candidates in various and emerging markets, competitive industries, and strategic positions. He has a deep understanding of full life cycle recruiting and a successful track record of designing sourcing strategies, talent acquisition strategies, structures and processes leading to significant enterprise-wide hiring changes and improvements. The scope of his expertise encompasses global recruiting with extensive experience in the US, European, and Asian markets across a variety of industries.

Michael has helped companies design implementation, management, and measurement of Talent Acquisition-related information systems, including but not limited to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Talent Acquisition compliance & process systems, Managed Service Provider relationships/agreements, Vendor Management System, and Aggregators. Also, creating a Brand strategy consistent with companies corporate communications strategy through talent acquisition efforts and programs.

Active Charter Memeber of of ATAP (Associateion of Talent Acquistion Professionals)  TAG Board Member – Recruiting (Technology Association of Georgia