Michael is far the most innovative, energetic and passionate person I have met. I call him Mr. Boom because of his explosive personality – charisma, multiple talents, unique personality and great public speaking voice rolled into one.

Amy Hocson // GroupM

Michael Wright is the most infamous Opportunity Broker in the Asia Pacific Region. He connects the best talent with opportunity by using a pragmatic, yet funky approach. He’s the modern day equivalent of a “Yue Lao” (月下老人) or “Old Man of the Moonlight” – a legendary matchmaker and fate-weaver from the legends of the Tang Dynasty.

Michael is based in Singapore, and heads up talent acquisition worldwide for Grab who are on an incredible mission to drive South East Asia forward. Grab are a series-E funded tech startup, the last raise was $750m USD in September 2016. Michael firmly believes that if he spends enough time around talented people, he’ll eventually become talented himself, which is why he especially enjoys Sourcing Summit.