Yves Greijn embodies a new brand of sourcers – take risks, iterate, improve. Repeat

Yves is an innovative technical Sourcer who enjoys finding creative and efficient ways to identify and engage software engineering talent. Yves led all things people, culture & recruitment at SEOshop (An EMEA500 Ecommerce start-up) where he supported the acquisition by Lightspeed. After leaving Lightspeed, he built his own company ‘Maven’ which focused on sourcing process, execution and tooling. Maven supported companies that wanted to scale their operations in The Netherlands, enabling them to grow their people infrastructure. 

Yves has always had a passion to work with technology at scale and when Facebook approached him in 2016, he decided to make the move to London and join the EMEA recruitment team. At Facebook, Yves has an EMEA wide remit where he is challenged with finding and engaging senior engineers such as Chief Technical Architects of systems that can impact over 2 billion users.