Sourcing Summit Australia is back.

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Sourcing Summit, Australia’s only dedicated talent sourcing conference, is back again for the third year in a row. The event will be held in three cities – 4 August Melbourne, 5 August Sydney and 8 August in Brisbane.

Once again #SOSUAU will highlight the important role of talent sourcing in Australia and will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from international experts.

Two of the top global sourcing thinkers and practitioners – Bill Boorman (UK) and Irina Shamaeva (USA) will present at the event.

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This year the format is different. There will be less speakers and the sessions will be more hands-on with a workshop style learning format. SOSUAU will address all aspects of the rapidly changing world of talent sourcing. We will tackle everything under the ‘Sourcing’ umbrella including the following:

– How to find people who have no online footprints
– Sourcing using referral networks
– Sourcing without Linkedin
– Hacking Linkedin for productivity sourcing
– Facebook Graph Search
– Advanced Google+ search
– Advanced talent mapping & phone sourcing and more.

SOSUAU is designed for sourcing practitioners and anyone involved in talent acquisition. Do not miss out. Early bird price ends on 8 July. Register now.