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How to Read A Gatekeeper’s Voice

By Maureen Sharib Reading A Gatekeeper’s Voice You have about three seconds to read a Gatekeeper’s voice when she answers. “Thank you for calling ABC Corporation – this is Maria.  May I help you?” That’s it.  That’s all the heads-up you get. It’s enough. What am I going to say?  How am I going to […]



By Chris South, Prominence Job Boards Are Alive & Kicking As a recruiter the first port of call when looking to find or attract talent is often job boards and I believe that in most situations this should still be the case. This is supported by a recent survey publicised by the International Association of […]

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Technical sourcing skills give agency recruiters an edge

Source: Shortlist Agency recruiters often have better technical sourcing skills than their in-house peers because of the high stakes riding on their success, according to a global sourcing expert. Both internal and third-party recruiters deal with unique advantages and disadvantages when sourcing, but the stress of competition is a surprise perk for agencies, said Irina […]

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Sourcing Summit Australia is back.

SOURCING SUMMIT AUSTRALIA. Sourcing Summit, Australia’s only dedicated talent sourcing conference, is back again for the third year in a row. The event will be held in three cities – 4 August Melbourne, 5 August Sydney and 8 August in Brisbane. Once again #SOSUAU will highlight the important role of talent sourcing in Australia and […]

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Sourcing Summit Australia 2013 Review

By Dan Nuroo, GM Recruitment, IMA Management Well that’s it then.. another SOSU done and dusted. I know it’s taken me a week to blog about it, but please, there was a heap to process. As with the previous three it did not disappoint. Despite an ungodly hour, that my day started to get my […]

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The Sourcing landscape is well defined

By Suzanna Chadwick, Conference Chair Sourcing Summit Over the past couple of years as LinkedIn and Social in general has taken an irreversible grip on recruitment, I feel like the landscape is starting to flatten out a little, making it easier to see the wood from the trees! Too many metaphors? What I mean is […]

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Five sure-fire ways to break the deal with candidates

Karalyn Brown, Founder of InterviewIQ, Co-Developer of myPitch app I was very interested to read Dan Nuroo’s post next door on the importance of candidate conversations. It’s a topic close to my heart, and to the many people I have worked with through my blog, InterviewIQ – and through the work I have done coaching […]

You’ve sourced some superstars.. now what?

Guest post by Dan Nuroo, GM – Recruitment, IMA Management and Technology Sourcing Rocks… there I said it! I am a sourcing groupie, yes I am. I have a T-Shirt at home signed by Bill Boorman, Glen Cathey and Jim Stroud… yes I am that sad. But with all this cool amazing stuff that these […]