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What’s the ROI of Sourcing?

Guest post by Jan Bernhart, International Corporate Recruiter at Spil Games These are exciting times for sourcers, the internet detectives of the recruitment industry. Cool new sourcing tools are launched (connectifier) regularly while many die (falcon) with a fast pace. The image and profile of a Sourcer is shifting from being a nerdy recruitment assistant to […]


Online networks – your new best friends

Guest post by Britt van Capelleveen Recruitment (Corporate)  has changed over the last few years. Or, at least it should have, in my opinion. Yes, we are still looking for the perfect candidate, and sometimes it still seems like we have to look out for that purple squirrel. Yes, we occasionally have a different opinion than the […]

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Should you source only Purple Squirrels?

By Dan Nuroo, Been thinking a bit of late as to what is the most important thing about Recruiting… Is the ability to find that (excuse me for saying) Purple Squirrel, that “unfindable” person? Or is it the consistency of finding great people for your company? I’m all for the latter.  Finding the superstars, the […]


Sourcing Certifications & #sosueu deal

Sourcing certifications are gaining in importance and popularity. #SOSUAU speaker and sourcing pioneer Irina Shamaeva runs the highly acclaimed People Sourcing Certification. For those who wanted to go down the path of certification here is a chance to attend Europe’s first Sourcing Summit and also get 40% off certification training materials. More details here


“A good sourcer should be a brilliant combination of a secret intelligence agent and a retail marketer”, Balazs Paroczay, speaker at #SOSUAU

Balazs Paroczay is a pioneer and thought-leader in sourcing and is one of the leading voices in Europe. ‘Jedi master’, ‘visionary’, ‘thought-leader’, ‘hall of famer’ are just some of the sobriquets associated with Balazs’ name. Technically astute and a perennial experimenter Balazs is considered to be the foremost authority on Facebook as a sourcing channel and […]