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@andreamitchell – Tapping into niche communities

Workshop 1 was Andrea Mitchell who spoke about tapping into niche communities.  Andrea started off speaking about how talent communities have changed from IRC to the social networking space. That one went straight over my head, probably because I'm only 22 years old…  We then started to look at ways we can use the big […]

Wakey Wakey

The good thing about flying over from New Zealand the day before is that you can wake up at some ungodly hour in Sydney and actually feel like you’ve had a bit of a lie-in.  So here I am all chipper, bright and breezy and looking forward to the start of the Sourcing Summit later […]

How to get to #SOSU11 venue without using GPS

Getting to the #SOSU11 venue is easy. 1) If you are from out of town ask a local (or Google) “what’s the ugliest building in Sydney?”.  This is what it looks like: It is also known as ‘Tower Building’. 2) Not far from Tower building is a smaller structure called Building 10. It is mostly […]

My #1 sourcing secret

Have you tried this awesome sourcing strategy http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=sEtiIqyh1rk ? This short video explains everything. That’s right, scare most of the jobseekers away – narrow the talent pool – and you’re left with the stars. Cheers, Paul Jacobs

Who am I?

Hey Everyone,  My name is @DamonKlotz and I am going to be live blogging at #SOSU11  I'm really excited to meet everyone over the next two days. It's always been my dream to move over to England and I've managed to build some great relationships with the UK community but I think it's about time that I […]

Live Blogging and Hot-Sourcing in Sydney

I wrote a bit of a light-hearted post on my recruitment blog The Whiteboard last week, looking ahead to this week’s Australasian Sourcing Summit.  If anyone would like a quick read before the serious (?) stuff starts tomorrow then here is the link: http://riceconsulting.co.nz/thewhiteboard/ Jon Rice

Hello Sydney

From: Jonathan Rice [mailto:jonathan@riceconsulting.co.nz] Sent: Tuesday, 9 August 2011 3:14 p.m.To: ‘post@posterous.com‘Subject: Hello Sydney Just checked into the hotel after flying in from Auckland with Paul Jacobs this morning and, now I’ve cleared up a few e-mails, thought I would have a go at posting something onto here.  It was a well-worked deal between me […]

Sourcing Summit Update for Delegates

The Sourcing Summit is just one day away. A few bits and pieces about the event: Getting to the venueGetting to the venue is easy. It’s not very far from Central Station. If you take the bus, get down in front of UTS Tower building. The location of the venue, UTS Aerial Function Centre, is […]