Jay has been in technology recruitment for over ten years, previously another five across IT, sales and digital media. Originally starting his career in IT, network engineering (to be specific) after studying Advanced Computing & Infrastructure in college, he soon realised getting people together at community events was far more rewarding!

Roll on ten years, Jay has since been building software delivery teams all over the world for a niche “FinTech” consulting firm. With offices in London, New york and Washington DC to Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, he’s had to employ various strategies and new approaches to secure the best talent. Culminating as the regional Head of Talent Acquisition, People & Culture Asia Pac for the ION Group of companies.

Extremely passionate about the recruitment industry and new disruptive technologies within the sector. Learning about different businesses and their pain points, their individual cultures and their team structures, recruitment has been a huge learning curve and there’s still so much exciting change in the industry yet to come.

With experience across multiple verticals, engineering, infrastructure, agile delivery, UX and much more. Hands-on knowledge of both local and global employer brand & value propositions, marketing and social media campaigns, new talent sourcing strategies, graduate hiring events, recruitment processes re-engineering and new starter on-boarding right through to improving attrition, team engagement and culture. Always keen to share his insight to anyone willing to ask over a coffee or a beer.

Jay, is extremely passionate about finding the best candidate for each role. For someone that has not been a developer he keeps himself abreast of what is happening in the IT industry. Since I’ve known him he has taken a genuine interest in each project and he actively researches the tools and technologies that Lab is currently using. Each candidate that Jay has personally brought into Lab has been passionate about development, but also been engaged in delivering above and beyond on client projects.

Jake Shelley
Jake Shelley Consulting