Mark has been recruiting across the technology field for the last 10 years.

Mark was raised as a techo, worked briefly as a SysAdmin and then realised he was not meant to be in a data centre, but interacting with people. He worked in door-to-door sales which gave him an opportunity to work in recruitment – recruiting door-to-door salespeople. Mark began his formal IT Recruitment career with IT-Matters, where he learnt the specifics of technical recruiting across the IT Infrastructure, network and security landscape. After 3 years and a successful start to his recruitment career, Mark was employed by Greythorn and then became an Owner of Pro-Perspective prior to starting Eye Talent – a corporate Recruitment Advisory and Consulting business.

Mark has transitioned into internal recruitment and has contracted for IBM, Samsung, Macquarie Telecom and Pegasystems over the past 3 years.

Mark is an avid networker, a people person, a lover of all things geek and is looking forward to presenting for the first time at SOSU. Expect a lot of energy, a few laughs and a lot of ideas.

Feel free to connect with Mark on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

There are the recruiters that recruit people. And there are the recruiters that recruit people and show the love, passion and faith. Mark is surely one of the latter.

Qing Yu
MNF Group