My Sourcing Story : Jiri Herodek, Blue-Infinity

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Name: Jiri Herodek
Country: Czech Republic
Company: Blue-Infinity
Position: Talent Acquisition Manager
Q1. Tell us what sourcing problems you are currently solving  
I had been working for a boutique search agency specialized on IT recruitment for almost 5 years. I have joined Blue-infinity recently as a Talent Acqusition Manager/Recruitment Trainer for CEE region.The first biggest sourcing challenge is to assess how sourcing has been working so far and how can we improve our recruitment funnel, which tools should we implement to increase number of placed candidates and keep our “quality of hire” at the same time. The second pain point is how can we attract talent who is relevant for us.Since we are focused predominantly on Salesforce and e-commerce IT specialists that question becomes more important for us now.

Q2. How do you define sourcing as it currently exist at Blue Infinity
 and how you see it evolving? 
The current state I would describe as shifting from reactive recruitment to proactive recruitment.  We are in the phase of assessing current state, implementing of new techniques, processes and technologies. My goal is to build a functional sourcing team with sufficient knowledge, skills and multi-channel sourcing in its classical form including proactive sourcing and other channels
Q. Who do you admire and learn from in sourcing? 
 That list would be very long:-)
I would start with people who I know in person and who inspired me and why:
Johnny Campbell – He has a very sharp mind in marketing and candidate attraction methods
Bill Boormann – my “Mr.Yoda” not only in recruitment and networking but also when it comes to life itself.
Shane McCusker – is very inspiring in Facebook sourcing
Balazs Paroczay – he has inspired me a lot in building our sourcing team and in sourcing tools
Matěj Matolín – inspired me a lot in employer branding and how to set up sourcing in a start-up company
Otherwise, there are plenty of people who I admire and who inspire me every day: Dave Hazlehurst, Karen Azulai, Irina Shamaeva, Katrina Collier, Kasia Borowicz, Martin Lee, Julia Jolkin, Shally Steckerl, Henk Van Ess

Q3 Sourcing tools I use daily?  

Besides my brain and Google I use:-) 
  • Hiretual – Is very complex tool comprising sourcing, finding contact details etc. and absolutely must have for all sourcers
  • Facebook Search – I use this tool for sourcing on Facebook.Its simple and easy to use
  • Git discovered and Github emails finder is must have tool for all sources like me  who hang out on Github
  • Contact out – its the best tool if you need to find email addresses and contact information
There are plenty of other that I use as well:
SoucerHub, SearchBar, Extensity, Data Miner, Rapportive, Email Qualifier, Cirrus Insight, Auto Text Expander, Google CSE
Q4 One bit of sourcing advice I can give to my peers
My advice is very simple: “Never give up in sourcing because there is always way how to find and attract people you want.The common mistake is in wrong or inaccurate boolean string, platform or place where you source, way/method how you approach your candidates or lack of information about the role from your client/hiring authorities.”