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Once upon a time I was a professional Actor. I now use my thespian skills to entertain my daughter and son.

As part of the Zinc leadership team I help organisations understand how in 1-2 clicks they can automate all their background and reference checks globally in one go. No more worrying about making mistakes with checks that can have huge negative and liable legal implications. Why put that pressure/responsibility on a HR or Recruitment Admin? Leave it to us 😉

I’m Neurodiverse and a Neurodiversity advocate, inbox me or read my blogs on #ChatTalent or listen to my podcast Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite & Enabling Superheroes!

Amanda Kirby and I have a book out this year ‘Neurodiversity at Work: Drive Innovation, Performance and Productivity with a Neurodiverse Workforce’

It can be ordered from most bookshops on and offline including Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmith.

I’m a futurist and therefore highly focused and adaptable to all things change and transformation, whether that be technology, operations, people and strategies.

My annual feedback normally highlights my enjoyment of talking! So why break a habit of a lifetime? I talk and engage at events where I feel I have something to offer.


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