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I’m Anastasiia, a recruitment+sourcing fan. I started my career building tech startups in Poland and the US.

For 3 years now I’ve been successfully building Engineering Teams in Berlin, Germany, a great place, I tell you I got to know Rocket Internet and it’s ventures. I also made two of my dreams come true- fashion and travel 3, how is that connected to my sourcing job? Easy! I built fashion tech teams at Zalando, and now- building amazing travel tech teams at Omio.

Me and my team are pioneering in sourcing and engagement using AI and ML. My passion is candidate relationships and attraction. I’m breaking the rules of branding and content creation, pushing the limits of fun, and making the candidates smile.

You could talk to me about Startups, Recruiting, Travel, Ukraine and Dancing (yes, I have a Hire dance :))

Happy to share and inspire.