Daniela, the founder and CEO of talentrakete GmbH, a Hamburg-based recruitment consultancy specializing in social media recruiting, brings 24 years of expertise to the industry. For 18 years, her career has been deeply rooted in active sourcing, and since discovering this passion, Daniela has continually nurtured her knowledge. Her daily interactions with talent on platforms like LinkedIn and XING have earned her recognition, notably being named by LinkedIn as one of the top25% recruiters worldwide in January 2023. As a double-certified Master Talent Sourcer, Daniela combines her first-class mindset with extensive recruiting expertise to assist companies in filling challenging vacancies with precision and care.

Since early 2023, she has stood at the forefront of the German-speaking recruiting community, inspiring the use of generative AI such as ChatGPT in day-to-day recruitment scenarios and demonstrating how technology and humans can cooperate productively. Beyond this pioneering work, Daniela shares herwealth of knowledge through personalized training sessions, keynotes, social media content, the talentrakete blog, podcasts, and books.