Gabi is absolutely a true inspiration! She is true changemaker and stands by the word ‘if you want something and no one else is doing it, step up and do it.’ She is absolutely amazing and hard working. I admire her for her brilliant mind, courage and kind heart.

Smriti Mishra


With an indomitable spirit, she has conquered personal challenges and fought for fairness and justice. Dyslexia? Yep she has it, but boy that did not stop her from writing her own destiny! Ballet stole her heart (sorry, Mitch), but life had a different dance in store. From strategic partnerships at J.P. Morgan to sales feats at Vena Solutions, her journey led me to optimize operations at Oscar Harrington, skyrocketing profits by 286%. But that was just the beginning.

Partnering with her husband (Mitch), they birthed Tooled Up Raccoons, where they equip recruiters with top-notch training and technology to become unbeatable hunters. Get ready for a recruitment revolution! Brace yourself and join her on this inspiring journey to unleash your full potential. “Go Big Or Go Home” is their family moto … I think this describes her perfectly!