As an enthusiastic Senior Talent Search Expert at SIEMENS, Julien dives into the deep, competitive waters of the tech market, devising unique search strategies and utilizing the dynamism of RPA technology to turn tedious tasks into efficient processes. His mission? Making life simpler and more productive for himself and his fellow sourcers.

His journey kickstarted in the world of agency recruitment, where he thrived on the challenge of sourcing IT freelancers from beyond the borders of internal databases. This early exposure sparked an enduring passion for sourcing, candidate engagement, and innovative recruitment practices. By reading Jan Tegze’s book ‘Fullstack Recruiter’ he got even more excited wanting to apply all the cool hacks and tricks he read about.

Now, as an In-House Sourcer, Julien loves thinking outside the box. He’s constantly concocting creative ways to interact with candidates, crafting ingenious outreaches, and pioneering sourcing strategies that defy the norms and rise above the noise.

But it’s not all work and no play for Julien. When he’s not making waves in the world of recruitment, he’s dodging potholes on his skateboard, trying (with varying degrees of success) to defy gravity and stay injury-free. He has an incurable case of wanderlust, endlessly captivated by foreign languages, cultures, and diverse experiences. So far, his globetrotting escapades have taken him among others to the star-spangled banner of the US, the stunning Northern Lights of Finland and the fairy-tale castles of Denmark.