Linus is well known within the ‘Talent Community’ for his ability to find, attract and close candidates of exceptional pedigree regardless of level. Whilst always being known as the go-to-guy for anything sourcing related, Linus’ experience goes way beyond that! From training and mentoring members of his team through to guiding Hiring Managers (via data) on re-engineering processes to be more efficient and reporting into Leadership.

Kim Goddard
Point Nine

After spending some years working in the social-sector Linus found his passion for Recruitment in 201 2. His Recruitment Career started in a boutique agency where he learned the basics in recruitment and sales which would become the foundation for the further career. Also during this time Linus learned that beards are not for recruiters but for hipsters. So in 2014 Linus decided to grow a golden beard and fully embrace the hipster lifestyle. He started his own company, supporting Tech companies as interim Recruiter but also providing Tech and recruitment consulting. This was also where he found his passion for sourcing.

Since 201 6 he supported companies that were building out a sourcing function. Some of the clients were companies like Atlassian, Nubank and Deliveroo. In 2022 he sold his company and went in-house to join Volvo cars and build out a sourcing and Talent Intelligence function there.