Mark has a knack for teaching, training and guiding inexperienced and experienced sourcers alike. He understands technical requisitions and the tech space in depth and is able to impart this knowledge in an effective and comprehensive manner. His knowledge makes sourcing the hard candidates seem like a breeze. Mark is a true gem in the recruiting community and has empowered many recruiters and sourcers to excellence.

Sarah L Martin

Mark Tortorici is an expert technical sourcer & recruiter.  Since 1997, he has trained thousands of staffing professionals including those at Google, Apple, Facebook, Disney, Pinterest, Twitter, Nvidia, eBay, Yahoo, AppNexus and many other companies. He has worked in both corporate & agency roles and has also managed staffing teams with great success.
Mark is the Founder & Training Expert at Transform Talent Acquisition. Although he trains in every aspect of the staffing process, he is known for his sourcing methods, ability to turn technical reqs into sourcing strategies, and easy to understand teaching methods.  Mark is also a big believer in research, learning and technology when it comes to sourcing and recruiting.  He currently resides in the United States with his family and also plays (vocals, piano, bass, guitar, drums, ukulele) in two bands.