Coralie started her career in general human resources and had always said “Me? Working in recruitment? Never !”… And yet it’s her passion today!

She has now been evolving in the wonderful world of tech recruitment in IT services companies for over 15 years ! As she often says, she somehow arrived in the game of recruitment by chance, because some people believed in her before she believed in herself. At the beginning, she was passionate about technical sourcing , but she quickly became aware that, in tech recruitment, finding people thanks to Boolean strings or any tricky technical tips was far from being the hardest task of the job. Sourcing isn’t typing keywords in structured databases, nor just scrolling through CVs on Monster and co ! She likes to shake up recruitment and modernize the way you attract and find people, the way you engage them in your process, the way you build a candidate experience which will be profitable to the candidate and to your job as a recruiter. To her, it contributes to changing the way recruitment is considered in France. All that she does, tries, attempts in her job of Talent Acquisition Manager with her team aims at demonstrating the real expertise in sourcing and recruitment and the strong business impact a company can get by having a great Talent Acquisition team.

Another conviction could easily characterize Coralie and the way she leads her actions : she’s extremely candidate-driven and you can often hear her saying : “Treat your candidates well, they’ll give it back to you and don’t just deal with files of candidates, but deal with persons who have emotions, desires, projects, ideas or even anticipate their expectations and understand what they don’t want. Try to understand them and to make them feel something when you talk to them !” Maya Angelou’s quotation is one of the guidelines she gives to her team : “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made
them feel”.