Soeren Frickenschmidt is bringing together the worlds of modern recruiting techniques and large, multinational organizations. He is heading the recruiting department of Boehringer Ingelheim in Germany, a worldwide pharmaceutical company employing around 47.000 people. Soeren spent the last 2 years transforming Boehringer Ingelheim’s recruiting department from an administrative shared service center to a full service recruiting unit. Before that, Soeren was a manager with Promerit, Europe’s leading HR consultancy.

Soeren is one of the rare breed of HR people with a passion for the numbers side of the profession. He has pushed forward Boehringer Ingelheim’s ability to create meaningful metrics on recruiting. He is a very active networker in the recruiting community and a regular author of articles on employer attractiveness and talent acquisition. When he has something to share, Soeren prefers the old-school flavor of printed paper. You can read his thoughts on recruiting in various trade journals and books.

Sören is probably one of the most brilliant minds in recruiting and employer branding I’ve ever met. He does not jump on every buzzword bandwagon, but always looks for innovation that actually has a tangible impact.

Prof. Dr. Armin Trost
Furtwangen University


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