what past delegates are saying about #sosueu

The first Sourcing Summit Europe was held in 2013 in Amsterdam, bringing together sourcing and recruitment practitioners across Europe.

The response from delegates was overwhelming. The nature of the interactions, the learning formats, the content generated and the spirit of sharing and camaraderie was unprecedented. Some delegates thought it was the best recruitment event they have ever attended.

We are delighted that the majority of attendees were very satisfied with the event. See some of the comments on social media below.

” The best Sourcing Event ever! (I mean it.) Sourcing Summits have been unparalleled in two ways: Content & Experience. I first spoke at a #sosu event in Australia in 2012. Since then, I’ve been to many #sosu‘s. The Amsterdam event has become a gathering place for the best speakers and hanging out with colleagues. New people quicky pick the spirit and join in learning and having fun. We have become true friends with Sourcers from all over. “

” The best event to get innovative ideas and trends from sourcing and recruitment experts and the most amazing community”

” The SOSU community has been such an influential part of the global talent movement, and the more we can get together to teach, influence, learn, and care, the better we’ll all be”

” Best sourcing events you can attend. Many benchmark speakers about many topics that are unique. Keep Rocking”


testimonials from past delegtes

” hands down the best sourcing event on the planet. Great vibe, amazing people and tons of knowledge. “
Amazing community for learning, networking and inspiration. Actionable tips to get going in sourcing.  This is the event if you are in recruitment/talent acquisition.

BEST sourcing conference I’ve ever attended!

Some of the best sourcers, recruiter and TA specialist… all in the same room. And all of them are really easy going to share, discuss and debate on every topic !
One of the best conference I have ever had the chance to attend.

what truly got to me was finding this Community…… feeling in sync with so many people from all over the world and realising how curious, persistent and generous they all are, was, well as they put it, extraordinary. And for a shy person, I’m still amazed at how many incredible people I’ve talked to (and still will!).

Yesterday I was like “I have so much to do, attending #SOSUV is cool but I kinda hate online conferences…… today I’m like, it’s only starting in the afternoon? Gosh I miss it ” …. best online attendee experience!

#SOSUV You’ve been so good to me! my mind is blown by the amount of talent, wits, humor & love. Sourcing community RULES. THANK YOU

it’s apparent what made this virtual event so successful and memorable, was the broadening of minds and the opening of hearts. Most of our experiences with virtual conferences are two-dimensional. Content and some conversation. #SOSUV‘s success came from its 3-dimensional experience. People engaged (vs chatting), on and off the screen, deepened relationships, and built new ones.

The difference between #sosueu and other HR conference is the quality of the content that the *star* speakers are giving to us.

The spirit of open sharing, learning, and excitement at #sosueu Celebrating what we do! 🙂 Richest content I’ve seen sosueurope.com


I’m in with ! Thanks for being so generous, will be back next year!

marcdreesx505x235 @marcdress via blog, 14 Sep 2013