Q&A with Brent Pearson

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Founder and 'Director of Cool Shit and Chaos' at HRX, Brent Pearson is perhaps one of the pioneers of internet sourcing in Australia. Fed up with the low quality of metrics around sourcing and in particular social media, Brent is on a mission to improve them and show the real ROI of sourcing.

Q&A with Christian LeLoux, Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader, Ernst & Young

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Christian LeLoux, currently Oceania Talent Sourcing Leader at Ernst & Young, talks about his initial foray into sourcing, past experiences and what his current sourcing toolbox looks like. He offers a preview of his presentation on 'sourcing Matrix' and why highly visible employer brands need to invest in sourcing.

Sourcing Report

What does a typical sourcer look like? What tools and techniques are most frequently used to find talent? Do practitioners prefer to be referred to as 'Sourcers' or 'Researchers'? How much do sourcers typically earn? Is it a female dominated industry?