Introducing #SOSUHACK at #SOSUEU

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Every year, one of the highlights at #SOSUEU is the ‘hacks’ – fresh and smart new ways of finding talent – contributed by speakers and delegates alike.

This year we are taking our love of hacking further by dedicating one day to sourcing hacks. We are delighted to announce a #hackathon or rather a #sosuhack day on 27 September.

Whether you are a perennial tinkerer who loves playing with tools and technology, or just interested in discussing new ways to find talent you will enjoy #sosuhack. It’s one day of harnessing wisdom of the crowd, networking, making new friends and exploring cool news ways of finding talent. The event is only open to #SOSUEU delegates. For more details go here

Below perennial hacker and regular contributor at #sosueu – Jan Bernhart – demoed what a hack looks like and what you can expect from #sosuhack day at #sosueu.

Jan will be one of the many hacking leaders at #sosuhack. Don’t miss #sosuhack , get your #sosueu ticket today