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Morgane discovered recruitment somewhat by chance 6 years ago when starting her first internship as a marketing project manager within a tech hiring agency in Paris. After 2 weeks she decided to chose a job that she loved and never have to work a day in her life (thanks for the tip Confucius 😉) ! So she changed her internship mission from marketing and communication to hiring and here began her passion for sourcing. Coming from a marketing background, she thought for a long time that she was an impostor before realising that she loved her job too much not to have her place in it. Over the years she had become a Tech Recruiter and above all a sourcing enthusiast!

After working for Prestashop, a French e-commerce CMS leader, for a year she joined Linkvalue, a consultancy company, as a Talent Acquisition Specialist focusing on finding and engaging the best tech talents in France. During her time joining Linkvalue’s TA team she decided to go on a mission to show as many people as possible that sourcing can be fun. And here comes the Trello Sourcing Checklist, a combination of tools and methods she uses the most and which allow to get out of Linkedin and rediscover sourcing cause sourcing is amazing ! Nowadays Morgane is part of GitBook, an amazing team committed to solve core team work, as a Talent Acquisition Manager recruiting talents from everywhere in the world. Aside from the sourcing part of her job she enjoys engaging with people to understand their talent and ambition and to create the perfect match at the exact right timing. Yes, she strongly believes that timing is everything when it comes to hiring.

It goes without saying, Morgane is always happy to test new tools, new methods to find talent and have the opportunity to engage with them. But her life isn’t all about sourcing ! She also loves chocolate, climbing, discussing with people passionate about their jobs, learning, sourcing (wait this one was already mentioned !). However she’s not a great fan of procrastination, people thinking that « we’ve always done things this way » is an excuse to do nothing, people who have contempt for recruiters and recruiters who promote this contempt. So let’s prove them wrong !


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