Karen is founder and a Global Sourcing Expert at everythingsourcing.com and a leading voice of sourcing in the highly competitive talent market in Israel. Karen routinely attends international sourcing conferences such as #SOSU, Sourcecon, TruToronto, Ride and more. She is very active in local and international sourcing groups and enjoys sharing information either by lecturing in local recruiting and sourcing conferences or by sharing her ideas and knowledge in posts.

Karen incorporates her unique creative skills from the intelligence force in the Israeli army, as well as her creative search techniques from her days as an Information Professional and combined with her HR experience in the high tech industry – That a unique kind of sourcer makes! Search is in her DNA!

Her fascination with the future and the latest state of the art technologies – Robotics, AI and other futuristic technologies – Prompt her to constantly test new tools to make the search more effective ad she enjoys teaming with founders of new tools and provide feedbacks and suggestions for improvement.

Karen’s clients range from large corporates to agile and state of the art start-ups for a range of roles such as Finances, Marketing, Sales, operations and technology.

Karen is professional, diligent, work to amazing ideas and constant ‘can do’ attitude, she’s the most energetic, dedicated, people-loving, spicy service provider I have ever worked with. Her curiosity and hunger for challenge allow her to excel at anything she puts her hands on,

Rotem Kazir
VP HR Forter